The law in Georgia changed in 2011, allowing much more enforceable restrictive covenants. Restricting your employees from certain actions after they leave your company can be vital to your business because they ensure the protection of customer relationships and confidential and proprietary information. Employers may enter into agreements with their employees that would restrict employees from:

  • Competing within a certain geographical area during a certain period of time (non-compete)
  • Soliciting customers with whom your employee worked while working for you, for a certain period of time (non-solicitation of customers)
  • Pirating your other employees if they leave your business to work at another business.
  • Sharing your confidential information
  • Sharing your confidential documents

Our firm can draft restrictive covenants designed to protect your business interests. In addition, our firm can also represent your business in the enforcement of non-compete and non-disclosure agreements.