Don Peak

I was referred to Ms. Bowman to handle a personal matter by the firm I retain for my business dealings, a prestigious local firm. Ms. Bowman is responsive, proactive, and provides counsel. It is important to fully understand my meaning when I say, “provides counsel”. The job of an attorney in my opinion is to provide clients with real-world expectations and options that help their client navigate tough situations in the most optimal way possible. In my dealings throughout my life, I have employed countless attorneys in several states. What Ms. Bowman does her for clients is in my opinion over and above what clients can reasonable expect from their legal counsel. I can fully and enthusiastically recommend Ms. Bowman as one of the best choices for legal counsel in the area. She is knowledgable, fair, intuitive, empathetic, and resourceful. You may seek her guidance with utter confidence that you are in competent hands that will actively and relentlessly pursue your best interest. A+, Ms. Bowman.